Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's Your Favorite Solution to Writer's Block?

By Lisa A Mason

No matter what type of writer you are, writer's block can happen to you. When it does, it can be one of the most frustrating things ever, especially if you have a big deadline in front of you.

I was recently asked by a Twitter friend what my favorite solution to writer's block was. I really had to think about this for a minute because in my 10+ years of professional writing, I've come across many methods of treating writer's block.

I think my favorite solution would be to prevent it in the first place. Look at it like medical conditions that are preventable; when you take the steps to stop it from happening, it's much easier than having to deal with it once you have it.

Some ways to prevent writer's block are to allow yourself breaks in your writing. If you're working on a large project, you might also want to have a small project or two on the side you can do as a break. It's also important to take breaks each day so you don't allow yourself to get burned out on whatever it is you are working on.

If you do have writer's block, there are many different things you can do. I often jump rope when I get stuck. I walk away from the computer, take my rope outside and jump for awhile. It clears my head and the physical activity seems to get me rejuvenated for writing again. Maybe jumping isn't your thing but any physical activity can work wonders.

Some other tips include:

·         Read something inspiring 

·         Talk with a friend or family member 

·         Talk about your writing and what you're feeling stuck on 

Each writer will have their own favorite solution to writer's block. Trying things that have worked for other people can help you find the perfect solution for yourself. Happy writing!

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  1. Chip MacGregor at the Write! Canada conference recommends fighting Writers Block by using Ernest Hemingway's solution: 'always end your writing for the day with an unfinished sentence. That way you can pick up where you left off.' Chip also recommends if you are stuck, that you read the previous paragraph out loud, as it will sound different spoken. Then just talk out loud where this is meant to go. This will help you get back on track writing.

  2. Here's a good trick to beat a block:


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